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Craniosacral Therapy

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Cranialsacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy was developed by an osteopath and is based on the osteopathic principle that when the structure is off, the function will be off.
In the specific of tongue tie - which is why you have reached out to our center. – the tongue is composed of nine (9) muscles - four (4) are only within the tongue, and five (5) go from bone to tongue.
When the tongue’s movements are restricted, the muscles inside cannot move as they are meant to move. The muscles that extend to bone cannot function the way they are meant, and they will pull the attached bone out of alignment – it sounds odd, but muscle is stronger than bone.  When we follow the path of muscle to bone, the tension moves through the body and can extend down to the feet.
Releasing the tongue does not always release the tension in the attached muscles. This is why body work is recommended pre and post-release in order to obtain the best result.
CranioSacral Therapy is a non-manipulative, very gentle, and light touch modality that works with the whole body to release tension patterns. CranioSacral therapy also helps to calm the body.  Often when there is a tongue and/or lip tie the baby/child even adults are struggling – sometimes they are having difficulty eating, and sometimes breathing is more difficult. This can result in their being more easily upset or cranky. CranioSacral therapy can help with calming.
CranioSacral therapy has also been shown to enhance healing – this occurs as we improve blood and lymph flow.

The international Tongue tie community has found that the best results are achieved when there is CranioSacral Therapy done before and after the release to assist the body to both feel and function better.  It is found that:

  • When the baby’s body is tight, it is more difficult for them to feed.
  • When the baby’s body is tight, it may be uncomfortable and fussy.
  • When the baby’s body is tight, it may have difficulty sleeping.

CranioSacral therapy helps the body release this tension.  Babies then eat better, sleep better, and are more comfortable.

  • We are doing great!! Much better than before. Her latch is better, feedings are more productive and shorter. She slept in 4 hour spurts even!!

  • Our baby slept longer stretches last night so I’m feeling a little more rested. She’s been a bubbly joy to be with I was so encouraged by your gentle energy and touch. Thank you thank you thank you for everything!

  • Doing craniosacral (CST) therapy prior to the procedure was a wonderful experience. She was more relaxed than I have seen her before and even after the procedure she was very calm. My husband would always come home from work to a colicky baby screaming in gas discomfort and that night he saw her more relaxed.
    Her burps and gas were coming out with ease and did not show signs of discomfort. We will definitely be following up with more CST work as we saw such a difference with one session.

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